Evening view through ancient alleyways in Heidelberg


Old bridge:
The famous historic old bridge (“Alte Brücke”) is only a few meters away. It links the old town to the banks of the river “Neckar” at the eastern end of the Neuenheim district.

Heidelberg Castle:
The ancient castle (“Heidelberger Schloss”) is Heidelbergs well known landmark that can be reached by a 10 minutes walk. You can also go up the hill by the funicular railway (“Heidelberger Bergbahn”).

Philosophers' Walk:
The street “Philosophenweg” goes upside along the river “Neckar” and offers a great view onto the beautiful ancient city district “Altstadt”.

Shopping and more:
Europes longest pedestrian area (“Fußgängerzone”) directly starts at the hotel. You'll find a lot of shops, restautrants and cafés nearby.

Neuburg Abbey:
The famous cloister “Stift Neuburg” which still is home of monks is only a few minutes car drive away.

Congress center Heidelberg:
The “Kongresshaus Stadthalle” for conventions and congresses can be reached in less than 5 minutes walking.

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Events in Heidelberg

Heidelberg offers not just its world famous sights but also a whole array of yearly events. Here is a small selection:

Orchestra concert at the Heidelberg Spring Festival

Heidelberg Spring Festival

The international music festival “Heidelberger Frühling” has been taking place in March and April since 1997. The highlights include classical concerts by world famous stars and young musicians. A comprehensive support program offers concert lectures, films, jazz evenings and debates.

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Illuminated castle at the Heidelberg Castle Festival

Heidelberg Castle Festival

The Heidelberg Castle theatre hosts some of the best frequented Open-Air events in north Baden. These take place every summer in the yard and other areas of the Heidelberg Castle. 2014 is the 40th anniversary of these events.

Please find further information on the event page (German only).

Heidelberg Castle Illumination with fireworks

Heidelberg Castle Illuminations

The legendary castle lights regularly fascinate spectators from June until September. Bengal fires paint the castle in a mystic red light. As if the ruins would once again burn as they have done many times in their long history. And when the glow slowly disappears the fantastic fireworks take over the show.

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Parade at the Heidelberg Autumn Festival

Heidelberg Autumn Festival

The Heidelberg Autumn Festival takes place regularly on the last Saturday of September in the historic part of town. More than 100.000 visitors come to this yearly 1-day feast which has been taking place since 1970. In the squares of the old city you will find all sorts of different music genres. The market and food booths are on the main street.

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Heidelberg Christmas Market

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Discover the beautiful streets and sights of Heidelberg in winter and come to the famous Christmas Market with over 140 stands. Next to a selection of seasonal food and drink, you can ice skate on one of the most beautiful rinks in Germany on the Karlsplatz below the romantic castle.

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